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Monday, September 14, 2009

Top Ten List for Pecha Kucha Success

Top Ten List for Pecha Kucha success:

1. Direct the story toward the audience not yourself
2. Interact - ask a question, give a prize, show a demo
3. Lose the laser pointer. Lasers belong in Star Wars films
4. Never read notes - shows lack of preparation/respect
5. Don't deliver the presentation in two languages - there is no time
6. Speak loud enough into the microphone
7. Clip Art is dead. It is childish. Leave it in the 1990s.
8. Avoid stock photography - it is artificial. Develop your own slide.
9. One presenter is better than two. Unless an actual performance.
10. Your presentation should help 'solve an existing problem'

On Sept. 12, eleven speakers were given 6.40 seconds to share ideas about architecture, environmental activism and local music. A successful speaker needs to deliver each key point on the slide as briefly as possible. No extra explanations can be added - there isn't enough time. Beginning a sentence with the wrong point, is like a sprinter taking off from the starting line on the wrong foot - the momentum will be lost and the sprinter will finish last. Pecha Kucha is a mental endurance test. As a sprinter requires active practice and training, a Pecha Kucha speaker should dedicate hours to rehearsing their presentation. The audience deserves nothing less.

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