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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Redux Picture Blog, Visual Storytellers

A presenter must understand  how to visually tell stories.   Photos are commonly used on presentation slides, so it is important to study the masters of photography.  An excellent resource is the Redux Pictures Blog.   This blog includes pictures from many of the world's best photographers.   

My favorite photographer on the site is Ben Baker.   Ben's photos are frequently on the covers of news, entertainment and sports magazines.  Above you can see Ben's photo of President Obama used across the world for Fortune Magazine in the U.S. and Fortune China.   

Add the Redux Picture Blog to your Google Reader and learn how to visually tell stories in your presentations.  The Redux photographers know that each photo they share cannot bore their audience.  And the articles in the blog will help teach you current topics that are shaping our collective culture.  All of which will make your presentations stronger.  

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