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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Visualization for the 21st Century

Cooliris is a revolutionary browser based visualization tool that changes how people communicate by moving the PC from a text based interface to a rich interactive visual experience. Expect to see Cooliris visualizations across websites like, news sites and in classrooms. By assembling the web into a visual pictoral menu that can easily be searched and then drilled down, the Palo Alto, California based Cooliris succeeds by speaking to the Left and Right sides of users brains , which control logic and creativity.

As Internet interfaces transition from lines of text, your presentations must also use more visual communication to remain relevant.
Presentation Tip: Cooliris will save you hours of search time by quickly laying out photos that visualize ideas, concepts and emotions in a continuous cinematic stream. Use a mind map to arrange your presentation ideas on paper. Next, structure by key message, supportive points, and credible examples. Launch Cooliris and type in keywords that describes your key points to find photos and websites that can be used in your presentation. Communicate better with visual photos and impactful ideas, which will engage both sides of people's brains!

*Remember to ensure credibility by crediting any photos and websites that you use in your presentation.

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