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Thursday, December 18, 2008

SlideVert: A new Marketing Tool for today's Interactive Audience

Cory M. Grenier recently thought of a new marketing advertisement model using a PowerPoint presentation for the Web 2.0 world we live in today.

Slides + Advertisement = SlideVert

Recently I visited SlideShare and viewed a beautiful 100 slide Keynote PPT Presentation called Thinking of the Future by an IBM Executive named Chirs Sparshott. The presentation was educational, interesting and a very clever use of social marketing. The last few slides subtly promoted IBM's services as the answer to the new technological changes confronting everyday people. The last page had links to IBM's website. In fact, the presentation was a SlideVert. A separate presentation by a different author titled The Brand Gap has been viewed over 400,000 times on SlideShare!

What if we upload a meaningful PPT presentation to SlideShare or on your blog that adds value for the audience with engaging visuals, hard facts and a concrete educational message. But during the conclusion or end credits you provide links to your company's offerings and related resources. Oh yeah, why not include your email address and office number too so readers can contact you with questions or suggestions.

Use your creativity, leverage your education and engineer a message that fits today's Social Media web 2.0 webscape. It is time all business people from the CEO to the marketer invest as much time targeting the ears and eyes of people, and begin to listen to their voices. A Slidevert can be the beginning of that hyperlinked conversation.

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